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Frequently Asked Questions

SYX - the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Systemax manages its business and reports using a 52-53 week fiscal year that ends at midnight on the Saturday closest to December 31st. Earnings are generally announced the last week in February of the following year. Results for the first three quarters are generally released within 35-40 days after each quarter.

Yes, Systemax issues quarterly reports on Form 10-Q which are filed with the SEC and can be accessed through the SEC Filings page, but does not mail the reports to investors. We do however, release a quarterly press release that can be faxed, emailed or mailed by request.

Questions regarding stock holdings, certificate replacement/transfer, dividends and address changes should be directed to our Transfer Agent:

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company LLC
6201 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219
(800) 937-5449
Web Site: www.amstock.com

You may also contact them via email at info@amstock.com

A copy may be downloaded from this site, or you may contact our Investor Relations contact by mail, phone, fax, or email. Please include your mailing address, phone and fax number when requesting information. Additionally, you can submit the Request Information form.

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